Asher Dumonchelle
Ash draws

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About Me

I've been drawing since I could first pick up a pencil, whether it was just a series of sequential images, characters, or creatures, I've always been interested in visual storytelling. During my first visit to the Maryland Institute of Art I was gently nudged in the direction of Illustration. It was there I realized I had a natural love and ability for comic work, and book illustration. I graduated cum laude in 2009, and was soon picked up for work on the game Marian and the Fantastic World of Dreams with Alec Holowka, creator of the Seamus-Mcnally award winning game Aquaria, and am now the sole and lead artist on the project.


Featured in the illustration annual 3x3, and the Bedecta De Beja's annual sequential art exhibition, both published and in a gallery show in Portugal.
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